Wondering What Length Of Pressure Washer Hose To Buy?

by Elisa

How does the length of your hose affect the amount of pressure that comes from your pressure washer? A good question many have thought of but never found the answer to.

It is general knowledge that pressure washers have 2-in-1 function. It can be used as a regular garden hose and as a powerful pressure stream.

Pressure Vs Length of Hose

You could easily give your answer to the question as yes. That is because, theoretically, when the hose is longer, the water pressure reduces and less of the pressure goes out the end of the spray gun.

However, that is not always the case. It does not apply to all the lengths of hoses. So, in theory, for every 100ft of hose, 5psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure is lost. This amount of pressure is little.

The loss of 5psi will show no significant effect. Such loss will easily be noticed if it is doubled over and over. This is possible when the hose is hundreds of feet long. That is when it becomes a big deal.

Most home pressure washers, usually have hoses less than 50ft. the work pressure washers have hoses about 100ft long.

 That is to say that there will only be a loss of 5psi from a 100ft pressure washer hose. So, choosing between a 30ft pressure washer hose and a 100ft pressure washer, it is best to pick the longer one.

Taking the longer pressure washer hose is more practical since it affords you more room and more length. Keep in mind that the loss is minimal and mostly unnoticeable.

What Then Is the Issue with Overly Long Hoses?

Even though there is no problem with the length and the pressure, there are other issues that can arise with the length of a pressure washer hose.

If you have a pressure washer hose that is over 100 ft long, you need to reevaluate its purpose because it is no longer practical to use.

A pressure washer hose of 150ft long or even a little above hundred should be considered too long and impractical.

Practical Limitations of An Overly Long Pressure Washer Hose

First, the weight of the pressure washer hose. Having a pressure washer hose within the range of 200ft long is going to be heady to carry.

You will be doing so much work by just carrying and dragging the pressure washer hose before going about the job at hand. It is overly stressful, inconvenient, and unnecessary.

After thinking about the weight of the pressure washer hose alone, now think of it with water in it. Not cool yeah? In a short time, you will not be able to drag it around.

Second, is the fact that longer hoses tend to kink easily and are not easy to maintain. It could break, or cars could drive over it. You have to constantly look back to make sure that it gets pierced by something.


It is recommended that a hose no longer than 50ft is used for your home and domestic use. There is no need to buy a long pressure washer hose. It is just heavy and unnecessary.

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