Why your cricket stadium Needs LED Lights

by Elisa

A good lighting system in a cricket stadium is just as important as the game itself. There are different sources of lighting used to illuminate the cricket stadium, they are floodlight, spotlights, High mast lights, and high bay lights. The most popular is the floodlights. Floodlights in cricketstadium are essential for the excellent performance and enjoyment of the cricket game.

What are the Major Sources of Lighting?

There are four major sources of lighting in a cricket stadium. They are:

1. Floodlight

A floodlight is a high-power LED lamp inside a simple casing. It is called a floodlight because of its high beam, which floods the field and the players with brightness.

2. Spotlight

Spotlights are extremely useful when it comes to long distances in the cricket field. It modifies the lighting created by the floodlights and increases the light distribution in the cricket stadium.

3. High Mast Light

High mast lighting is important because they provide both horizontal and vertical lighting to the cricket field and provides some sort of uniformity of lighting in the cricket stadium.

4. High Bay Light

High bay lights are used in indoor cricket to brighten up the sports facility. They are usually high-tech and known by a lot of names, mostly depending on the design.

Benefits of a good lighting system in a cricket stadium

For any sporting activity which will be carried out either outdoor or indoor, a good lighting system is most essential.

This is the same for the cricket game, without a good lighting system in the field, lots of things could go wrong.

Below are some of the benefits of a good lighting system in a cricket field.

1. Excellent Performance.

A good lighting system is required in a cricket field, to ensure excellent performance by the players.

On a cricket field, we have the players, umpires, coaches, etc. For the players of each team to successfully locate other members of the team, when it comes to playing the ball and properly maximize the use of the field, a good lighting system must be available.

Also, a good lighting system is essential for the purpose of the spectators. It ensures they follow the game and don’t miss any great performance or stunts carried out by their best player.

2. Safety

Accidents are going to occur during this game. However, we can reduce it through good safety procedures. A good lighting system helps to minimize the frequency of accidents occurring. Players, see the field properly, are more directed and focused, and can utilize the field, and the presence of the umpires more.


In the game of cricket, and any other sporting activity both indoor or outdoor, the need for a good lighting system should be prioritized. A good lighting system maximizes the efforts of the players in playing the game. It also adds to the entertainment of the spectators and prevents accidents and thus injuries.

So, make sure you prioritize getting a good lighting system for your stadium on your next renovation.

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