How to change the color of a bathtub

by Elisa

There are several brands of bathtubs in the market. The main differences between the different brands lie in the areas of the manufacturer, design, materials of construction, and the size of the tubs. Other defining features of bathtubs are the color and the accessories. Different brands offer different accessories. For instance, some of the accessories that come with baths include faucets, and drainers or drain covers.

When choosing the best type of tub, visiting sites and manufacturers like bathtubs Sydney may be the wiser decision. Most models and brands of bathtubs come in white. However, this does not mean that you cannot change the color of the bath. There are several procedures through which you can change the color of a bathtub. In this post, we discuss the process of coloring bathtubs.

  • Refinishing of bathtubs

This method is the most common means of coloring bathtub. The reason for its popularity is the fact that it is easy, fast and very much cost-efficient. Refinishing also goes by the name reglazing. The process involves the use of unique primers and compounds. These compounds are used to cover the tub or the tile. The color of the primers and compounds become the new color of the bathtub. The compounds are available in a variety of colors from which to choose. The glazing chemicals are applied over the grout creating a smooth feel throughout the bathroom area.

  • Using Liners

Bathroom liners are the right way of changing the color and appearance of a bathtub. Some examples of bathtub liners include PVC plastic or acrylic sheets. These items are molded into the existing tubs. The process does not stop there. Special adhesives have to be applied to lock in the liners. Like reglazing, using liners is very cost-efficient and straightforward. The main downside to using this method is that it tends to be more time consuming than the latter. Another disadvantage is that the liners are not as durable as the reglazing agents. With time, the coatings tend to detach from the bathtub.

Why change the color of your tub?

  • You can change the color of your bathtub to meet your color preferences
  • Another reason for changing the color of your tub is to allow it to match with other elements of your bathroom or your house in general
  • Changing the color of your bathtub is a good aspect of redesigning or altering the interior design of your home (remodeling)
  • You can also choose to change the color of your bathtub if there are structural issues with the tub. This fact means that if the color has scraped off or faded hence causing rust, you can resolve the issue by coloring the tub.

Bottom Line

Another option for changing the color of a bathtub would be to replace the tub. This means that you remove the existing tub, get one with your preferred color, and install the new one. Replacing the entire tub may be the best option if the existing tub also suffers structural issues. Such structural problems include cracks and rusts,  

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