Garden Pergola

by Elisa

Garden structures are usually the center of attraction in our garden. They add spice to simple lawns and they can turn a boring spot into a magnificent work of art. All you have to do is visualize as to how you want your garden to look like and turn that thought into reality. An example of a garden structure is a garden pergola. It is usually the top choice for garden lovers & for those who have a knack in constructing something by themselves.

Garden pergolas are also very useful. They serve as the focal point in your garden, support for climbing vines and roses, and most of all, they can also be used as an outdoor room for relaxing and entertaining guests. Garden pergolas can be made of plastic, wood or metal. They may also be ready made or you may construct it yourself with the use of kits or plans.

Important things to do before constructing your own garden pergola

First, you have to consult your local authority regarding the permits needed or conditions that apply in building a pergola in your garden or backyard.

Second, think about the location of your garden pergola. Depending on the function of your garden pergola, if you want it closer to the house or attached to the house like an outside room for entertaining guests during special occasions and celebrations, or away from the house if you want it to be your quiet escape or peaceful retreat. The direction of the wind and sun should also be considered.

Third, the plants that would grow into your own pergola should be wisely selected. If there are children in the vicinity, it is recommended that you don’t grow plants with thorns for they could harm your kids while at play. If you intend to grow vines, it is advisable that you plant the vines that repel or don’t attract insects, especially bees.

Important thing to Consider before constructing your own garden pergola

The most important thing to consider before building your own garden pergola is the location as to where it would stand. It is imperative that your chosen location does not have any underground structures like water pipes, gas pipes or electrical wires. It is advisable that you call a utility company that is accredited by your state’s engineering or utility department. They will be able to pinpoint the areas where your underground utilities are located and you will know if it is safe to dig on your chosen location.

Another important thing to consider is its size. Your garden pergola should be in proportion to the size of your garden. You could also maximize the size of your garden pergola so as to accommodate the things that you want to place inside it.

And lastly, the price of your garden pergola should be considered. Ready-made or pre-fabricated pergolas that are installed by the store personnel are the most expensive ones. The kits that can be bought on hardware stores, gardening stores or even online shops are less expensive. The cheapest, however, are the pergola plans wherein you could save thousands of dollars.

Once everything is taken care of, you are ready to start with the construction of your garden pergola. Dig the holes for the post and proceed with building your structure, making sure that it is stable and the height is leveled. After building your garden pergola, you are ready for planting and landscaping. Wait for 3 days before planting and start by digging your planting hole 6 inches away from the frame. Plant the desired seedling and water it. If it is a climber, guide it toward the pergola. Soft organic cotton twine is ideal for anchoring a climber.

With you as the artist in your garden, you can create a number of possibilities just by starting with a garden pergola.

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