A guide to installing solar panel yourself

by Elisa

Solar panels have become one of the most essential investments nowadays. As the prices of electricity rise, you must be able to produce electricity of your own. With a solar system, you can save a lot of money. Palm Tree solar street light can be the best option to install once you have the right amount of knowledge.

You must prepare the conduit

The first step is picking up an appropriate platform for the solar panels. Either you can place them flat on a surface or you can make them tilt towards the direction of the sun. One of the most common locations for the solar panels is the roof of the house you live in. However, installation on the roof is not something that you will do without expert skills. Even transporting the panels onto the roof carries several risks such as the chances of breakage and hurting yourself. Here is a rundown of the problems that the installation of the roof carries for you.

  • The first risk is that all the roofs are not built in the same design, height, and width.
  • Some roofs don’t possess sufficient exposure to daylight.
  • Most of the roofs need to be serviced after quarterly and monthly intervals. That suggests that solar panels ought to be dismantled first and then reinstalled.
  • The roofs have limited space therefore you will be left with fewer choices for the installation of the solar panels.

If you have a wide and high roof that doesn’t need periodic servicing, you will be able to build a kind of custom platform to install the solar panels. Even if there is no roof for the installation of solar panels, you can find a ground, install concrete pillars, and fit onto them a piece of wood to fit the solar panels.

Once the panels have been installed, you can move on to fitting the conduit. The conduit must possess a secure connection right from the solar system to the house. In the case of an additional wooden or steel support, the conduit can be longer. However, if the platform is the roof of your house, the conduit is meant to be shorter.

How to mount the solar panels

Many solar panels have mounting brackets that you can attach easily to the platforms you have created for the panels. However, the condition is that the platforms must be made of wood. In the absence of brackets, you can buy them from the market and fasten them on the solar panels.

You can use angled brackets and tighten the front side of the panels. You must make sure that the brackets have been squared before you secure them with the help of screws that you have.

Solar energy systems are the best option if you want to cut down your electricity bill. However, you should buy the panels and lights from the best manufacturer in the market such as cmoonlight.com. They offer the best quality street lights that you can use to light up your home during the night time.

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