5 Simple Steps To Choose A Bathroom Sink Vanity

by Elisa
Bathroom Sink Vanity

In many households, decorating the bathroom is the last option. Often, this translates to a dingy looking stuffy room that has no life to it. One aspect that can completely transform a bathroom is choosing a unique and practical bathroom vanity. Unfortunately, many people have no idea how to go about choosing a bathroom sink vanity for their homes. Below are five steps on how to choose a bathroom vanity that will work for you

  • Functionality Of The Bathroom Sink Vanity

The main thing to consider when choosing a bathroom vanity is the intended use. Most people switch out their vanities because they realize they need two sinks instead of one or need more counter space. Before investing in one, ask yourself the intended purpose and get accurate bathroom vanity cabinet dimensions.

  • The Bathroom Sink Vanity Plumbing

One of the critical factors that determine whether you will go home with that sink vanity you have fallen in love with is the plumbing system. Ideally, there are two kinds of plumbing placement; the floor and the wall mount plumbing placement. With a floor mount plumbing system, you have the freedom to choose any plumbing you want. With a wall vanity, keeping the location of the plumbing hooks in mind is vital. Switching out the plumbing system is time-consuming and costs money, it’s essential to countercheck your specific needs.

  • Bathroom Sink Vanity Size

Another vital aspect to consider is the size of the vanity. Typically, many people desire grandiose breathtaking vanities in their bathroom. As expected, this is an impractical way of choosing one as you have no idea if it will fit in your bathroom. Do a test run with boxes and befriend your tape measure and look at the various bathroom vanity sizes chart to get a sense of how big a vanity you need to purchase. Ensure that your choice gives you enough room to move around, and it doesn’t interrupt the flow of traffic in the bathroom.

  • Amount Of Bathroom Sink Vanity Storage

Unless you are an extreme minimalist, there is usually a need for more storage in the bathroom.  Often, many people gravitate to three-column enclosed bathroom vanity to give them enough bathroom storage to accommodate the plumbing and give them dual stowage.  However, with smaller bathrooms, this is impractical. Be realistic when choosing and decide whether you need one column, two columns, or three-column vanity. Additionally, determine whether you need to invest in a narrower vanity to ensure your bathroom does not feel cramped.  

  • Bathroom Sink Vanity Material

Bathrooms tend to be very humid places. For these reasons, it’s essential to choose a material that can withstand all the water damage and still look good. Unfortunately, most material that appears good to the eyes doesn’t tend to make excellent vanity material as they swell and splinter. To avoids this, choose waterproof material that doesn’t streak when wet like laminate, wood veneers, and Thermofoil for high-quality bathroom vanities.


As seen above, you have to take your specific needs into account when choosing a bathroom vanity. To save yourself the headache of having to replace a bathroom sink vanity with another one, ensure that your measurements are accurate. Overall, as your taste and preference take key center stage, choose designs and colors that entice you for a great look that will serve you for a long time.

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