3D and 5D Diamond Painting- What’s the Difference?

by Elisa

In recent times, a lot of artists have fallen back on custom diamond painting as a way of creating beautiful art pieces. As you may already know, diamond painting is a form of art that makes use of diamonds to produce sparkling, spectacular designs. Regardless of how simple the concept of the diamond painting may seem, there are still different terminologies, accessories, and approaches to it. Because of this reason, a lot of people, especially newbies tend to get confused about diamond painting.

Furthermore, the most frequent question regarding the uniqueness of diamond painting has to be spotting the difference between 3D and 5D diamond painting. By the end of this article, you will be able to make good decisions regarding buying 3D and 5D diamond painting, shall we?

What is the difference between 3D diamond painting and 5D diamond painting?

Unlike what most people think, it’s quite easy to have an understanding of the basic differences that exist between 3D and 5D diamond painting. One thing that mainly defines the dimension your diamond painting would take is the number of facets that are found on the diamonds. What are the facets? They are simply the tiny sides that make up the diamond’s shape. In other words, they help to give a diamond its dimension.

3D diamond painting

In 3D diamond painting, you are required to hold rhinestones or tiny beads that are of different colors. After that, they would place these beads onto a numbered or blank canvas. Whatever canvas that you decide to use depends on the type of kit you bought.

Beads in 3D diamond painting

Otherwise referred to as “drills”, the beads in a 3D painting are often 2.5 x 2.5 millimeters in size. Each side of these drills have about 3 facets; this makes it 9 facets in total. Alongside glue, these drills are used to make a defined diamond painting imageries.

5D diamond painting

Although similar to 3D diamond painting, 5D diamond painting has a different shape of drills. This means that instead of the usual 9 facets seen in its counterpart, a 5D diamond painting has about 15 facets.

In diamond painting, having more facets allows you better opportunities to create images that emit light. This is what happens when you use 5D diamond painting – the creation of more radiant images. A 3D diamond painting can’t do that.

3D or 5D diamond painting – which should you go for?

For most beginners, using a 3D diamond painting would be the best option. With it, working with drills is a lot easy. It also doesn’t force you to get used in creating straight lines.

Besides, you can always opt for a 5D diamond painting the moment you become more experienced. They serve as a great addition to your home decor.


Diamond painting is often a fun activity for anyone who chooses it. With either 3D or 5D diamond painting, the experience gets even better. This article explains the basic differences between these two and we hope you found this helpful.

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