For those who really need to build a pergola into your garden or patio, but are not willing to pay contractors hundreds of dollars for it, or even if willing, can’t afford to spend that much money, there are lots of pergola kits available for sale both online and offline. They can be purchased through a phone call or just visit a hardware DIY shop. You might also get them delivered.

The three kinds of pergola kits for sale in the market are based on materials. Check them below;

Three Different Types of Pergola Kits

Wood Pergola Kits

Wooden Pergola Kit
Wooden Pergola Kit

To build a pergola, wood is the most famous material used widely. They are usually made of treated teak, cedar or pine. Lower priced kits use treated pine as it is the most affordable one and highly – resistant to various weather conditions and insect infestation. Treatment is not needed, making it safer for people, animals, and plants. Teak is the most durable one. Though, it is much expensive. The materials can be easily stained to complement the environment or it can be left in their natural color, which is also classy. Wooden pergolas are the most common and famous, especially when placed in gardens, as they harmonize with and goes well with the natural environment.

Vinyl Pergola Kits

Vinyl Pergola Kits
Vinyl Pergola Kit

Vinyl ones are very easy to maintain. Sometimes a quick washing is what it needs to make it look new and clean. And as they are made of plastic, they will never rot.  The vinyl comes in various colors and materials and it is very easy to assemble.

Aluminum Pergola Kits

Alluminum Pergola Kits
Alluminum Pergola Kit

Aluminum pergola kits are not quite famous as wood or vinyl, but they are the most durable one and can withstand any weather conditions. Like plastic, these don’t rust. It also comes in different colors, but is not always easy to put together.

Pergola Kit

A pergola kit usually includes the building materials like as rafters, beams, pillars and posts already cut and formed to an exact size and measured and ready to be assembled; other materials like screws, nails, etc; the basic tools need to put it together and not to forget the plan with complete details and instructions guide and pictures to direct you through the whole installation process.

A pergola DIY project is not very hard to undertake even if you have minimal construction experience as the available pergola kits for includes guides for people.

Should you Buy a Pergola Kit?

Well, it totally depends on your preference. If you are aware of how to fix them correctly, then you can totally allot the work to a custom pergola service provider. For DIY hands it is so much easier and fun.

Why Place a Pergola?

There are many unique ways to place your pergolas and the most common ones are;

  • To cover the deck
  • To protect your car
  • To adorn your garden
  • To place it next to your pool
  • To protect your outdoor dining or barbecue area
  • To cover your deck