If you are willing to use one of these great functional and decorative constructions in your garden? Pergolas look great and combine various functions at once; they create shade and support plants over the walk and can also protect some area from rain.

A pergola can have a flat top or to be crisp as an arch and might usually be 1.5 to 2 times higher than wide. Pergola is mostly made of wood, but the more trendy and stylish ones are made of steel as it allows having narrow lines and more classier outlook.

People think that steel is hard to build yourself, that is why they either use wooden ones or hire a professional to build one for them. Check out this short guide on pergola building tips. It is an easy DIY.

5 Pergola Building Tips

Designing the Pergola

Designing a flat top pergola is just simple. You need 4 legs and a top with some kind of grid on it. I suggest drawing some form of ornamentation and diagonal grid as it is going to look better and assist more weight.

Materials and Tools

You might need various pieces of wood or steel  which is between 0.5 inch or 1 inch ones will do the work. The width and height of the pergola and the grid design will determine that right quantity so you must calculate it yourself. Intend two legs in each corner of the pergola for maximum stability.

You might need a miter saw to cut it and safety glasses as the wood bits might fly around while cutting. You will also need a welding unity if you are using a steel one.

Start from the Top

Assembling the top grid must be done at a ground level that is why you have to start with it. As easy way to construct a good diagonal grid with triangles is to weld square within it and 3-4 of them. Each square must be rotated at 45 degrees from the outside. If you wish to paint the pergola you can do the top at this stage as it will be easier rather than doing it when it is six feet above the ground.

Attach and Anchor the Legs

You will have to dig 4 holes – one for each pair of legs. Weld every pair at the bottom with a piece with some scrap for added stability.

The most important thing when doing the legs is to make sure they are equally high and vertical. Weld two legs on each pergola’s corner.

After the legs are leveled using some concrete in every hole to fix them. Hopefully, you have dug the holes in the right places and all matches. You might add diagonal corner braces at the top to make the whole construction stronger.

Paint and Finish

Now your pergola is done completely. Considering the top painted at the beginning now you might need to paint the legs and welds. You might need to apply some termite solution too.

Then you must use vines or grape seed and wait them grow! Hope this pergola building tips will help you to build your own wooden pergola that reflects your interests and personality.

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