Installing patio awnings and canopies in your yard is an excellent way of protecting your outdoor properties as well as adding a dimension of elegance and sophistication to your outdoor space.

Patio awnings are decorative coverings that attach to an existing structure such as the side of a building. They can be extended to provide shade and protection from rain, and retracted when one wishes to allow sunlight into the area. Patio awnings are advisable if you entertain guests in your patio on a regular basis or if you love spending quality time alone after a long day’s work or with your family in recreational activities.

Patio awnings are made of durable materials; making them long-lasting. The fabric used (canvas or acrylic cloth) comes in different shapes, textures and densities. They can be mounted on vinyl, wood or aluminum frames that are easily collapsible when retraction is necessary. Retraction is either manual or automatic. Automatic models are often motorized, so they retract automatically upon detection of rainfall or sudden movement.

Oftentimes, a manual awning model is used in a small patio space; while larger patio areas would require motorized ones.

Aside from enhancing the visual appeal of your outdoor space, patio awnings also resist sunlight and protect indoor furniture and appliances.

Aside from that, owing to their sunlight resisting capability especially during summer, they decrease indoor temperature; decreasing the need for air conditioners, thus cutting electricity costs.

Patio awnings indeed increase the functional and decorative value of your outdoor environment.

Patio Awnings Benefits

A patio is an area in your outdoor space which is usually paved with flooring materials and used for recreation or dining. The patio is one of the most widely-used areas in the world, especially people in tropical countries. They even resort to buying patio accessories such as fire pits so that they can make the best use of their patio space.

Patio awnings are one of the most ideal accessories that you can take advantage of in your yard. It serves as a shelter against sunlight, rainfall, snow and other weather elements; preventing your day from getting ruined.

Constructing a patio awning can instantly turn your outdoor space into a relaxing and enjoyable area of your home. Coming in a wide variety of designs, styles, colors and shapes; you will definitely be able to find an awning that best meets your needs, preferences and most importantly budget.

A patio awning can protect your house’s interior against extreme weather. For example, if you have a window that gets too much sunlight, an awning will give a shade for that specific area inside your house. This will prevent the furniture and appliances from incurring damage from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

Another factor to take into account when buying patio awnings is whether they are manual or electronic. Manual models have to be manually manipulated to adjust the fabric angle and depth. Electronic models are automatic and are equipped with a motor. They either have a button or a remote control device. Upon detection of certain environmental elements such as rainfall or sudden wind movement; the awnings are automatically retracted.

The Patio Awnings Guide is a reference material that can assist you in coming up with an informed decision regarding the best patio awnings for your outdoor environment.