Garden sheds are ideal for homeowners who have a lot of garden tools. These sheds act as storage for huge garden tools like lawn mowers, construction tools, unused furnishings and old things. These sheds are better than setting the tools aside in the backyard.

There are two types of garden sheds based on the materials that were used. These are the metal type and the wooden type of sheds. The wooden garden sheds are preferred but metal sheds are slowly gaining its popularity.

Wooden sheds look good but in time, they leak due to the cracks on the surface. Wood is vulnerable to the freeze and thaw cycle. It is susceptible to infestation of termites, bugs and other pests, even if it is chemically treated.

It can be expensive over time because you need wooden treatments and preservers to be applied once a year for its maintenance.

Metal garden sheds, on the other hand, is made from either aluminum or steel. These two alloys are long-lasting and it doesn’t crack over time which minimizes leaks. It is not susceptible to termites and buts thus preserving the contents of metal garden sheds and keeping its contents in good condition, especially if you are storing fertilizers and plant seeds.

Metal garden sheds are light weight and can be built on any type of concrete flat surface. When it comes to the cost of its maintenance, it is cheaper to maintain because you don’t have to apply preservers and chemical treatments to prevent termites and other pests.

Although metal corrode when it is constantly exposed to sun and rain, the metal garden sheds home depot takes this as a challenge and asked the manufacturers to treat the raw materials with anti-rusting chemical substances before coating it with paint. This lowers the susceptibility of the metal to rusting.

Furthermore, since aluminum is a very light material, it could be blown away easily by gusty winds, and strong winds could render dents to the metal sheds. To avoid such circumstances, it is recommended that you bolt down the shed and add support to its walls.

Metal sheds are ideal for people who value durability over natural beauty and appearance.

Three Types of Backyard Storage Sheds

There are three types of backyard storage sheds and they are classified according to the materials that were used in its construction, namely wood, metal and plastic.

Wooden sheds are beautiful but it is expensive and requires high maintenance. It could be designed to match the structure of your house. It could look like a tiny house thus making it more beautiful to look at. It also has many styles that you could choose from.

Aside from infestation of termites, wooden sheds are also susceptible to dry rot, mold and it could undergo warping due to the changing weather and climate conditions.

Sealers, stain removers or outdoor paint could help prevent deterioration of the wooden sheds but this should be regularly applied and this does not guarantee that the wooden sheds would last forever, or that it could give total protection to the wooden sheds.

Metal sheds are less expensive, durable and they come in large sizes that could meet your storage space needs. It is easier to construct because it is pre-fabricated. It is vulnerable to corrosion but application of sealer paint on the pre-fabricated sheets prevents corrosion and deterioration.

Plastic sheds, however, are inexpensive, light weight and they come in small sizes that may not be enough to store all your tools and things.

Garden sheds are used for storing things especially if you don’t have enough storage space inside your house.

You could use different materials in constructing it and you could either do it yourself to lessen the cost of construction or you could hire builders and contractors to build it for you.

There are many garden sheds plan that are available in garden sheds home depot if you want to construct it by yourself. Just be sure to read the garden sheds plan carefully, understand it and follow the instructions. You’ll see that garden sheds are easy to construct, it could save you money if you do it by yourself and building garden sheds could be a great way of bonding with friends.