Preparing for certain events can be pretty stressful. One of the hardest parts of it is when preparing them outdoors, especially during summer when the sun is pretty high and the temperature is really hot. Get-together under the sun can make people energetic, happy and positive.

It’s a perfect weather to relax and mingle with people you know. As an event planner, it would be best that you have prepared necessary things on the venue.

The weather can make others dizzy, too hot, or a sudden unexpected rain can occur. Having canopy awnings on such events is a great idea.

The sun can be pretty painful once you are overexposed to it. During summer, the temperature goes sky high. Canopies are good escape and shade if it gets too hot. You get to enjoy the party without suffering from the heat.

Changes in weather are also uncontrollable, it would be best that you have these awnings ready to prevent inconvenience to the guests.

Things to Think Before Purchasing Canopy Awnings

Whether they are shade sails or canopy awnings, you should choose the right material and design. You should take time to evaluate and choose wisely. In this way, you won’t overspend and won’t commit any mistakes.

Set Up and Installation

Before installing or buying a canopy, it is very important that you have authorization from the resident’s committee. This is not always the case, but there are organizations or areas that have specific restrictions when it comes to owning a canopy.

Canopy awnings can be heavy for some and you should also ask a professional’s help when installing. There are canopies that come in do it yourself packages. However, getting someone who knows how to install is best to prevent any mishaps.


Choose a color for your canopy that can match with your property, whether it is a roll able or static style it should suit your surroundings.

If you are living in a motor home, there are also motor home canopy awnings available. This may seem ordinary coverings, but they can be an effective promotionalmethod for any business too. You can put the brand or the name of your company with the canopy.


Canopy awnings are created from plastic, vinyl or acrylic. They are waterproof and effective in providing shade. In time, it will get damage once rain is very hard and the weight of the pouring rain is too much for the canopy to handle. Fabrics can be used with canopy but they do not have waterproof feature, fades and gets damaged easily.

Lifespan and Maintenance

Canopies do not need expensive maintenance but routine cleaning is usually required. When a roll able awning is wet, experts do not recommend storing but you have to make sure that it is dry and free from moisture before rolling it in.

There are a number of factors that can ensure a canopy’s lifespan.  Aside from uncontrollable factors like heavy rains, quality is a very important factor to consider to be sure that your unit lasts longer. The usual lifespan of a canopy is 6 to 10 years.

Canopy awnings are nice to have in one’s home. It does not give you any hassles when setting up and cleaning is pretty easy. Making sure that your canopy is stored in the right place, cleaned regularly and handled with care will definitely prolong its usefulness in the next years. Every household should have this effective covering.