With thousands of outdoor ideas to choose from, pergolas are one of the best design options that you can add to your backyard or poolside. In outdoor building design trends over the past few years, pergolas have been the design that many new and existing homeowners want in their home.

Pergolas functions both for its design and purpose, it can serve as a focal point of your garden design and will also serve for shading purposes, a place where you can entertain guests and family.

However, traditional pergolas are usually structures that have limited or no roofing. Nowadays, major pergola manufacturers decided to incorporate pergola roof to give the pergola more function.

When deciding to construct a pergola into your home, you will also have to consider selecting the best designs and materials for your pergola roof.

There are hundreds of pergola roof designs that you can choose from, there are as well different materials that go with these designs such as; polycarbonate, fiber glass, steel, tiles and opening roofs.

To start with, consider how much light you want to have going through your pergola roof, and  remember light means heat, the more light the more heat. If your location happened to be all summer feel year long, then there wouldn’t be too much trouble in choosing your best roof design for your pergola.

You can have a pergola roof material that is a combination of polycarbonate and colorbond steel. This kind of material combination will effectively let the needed light into your pergola roof and still remain comfortably cool.

If you happen to have a gable pergola roof then you may opt to have the colorbond steel on the west side and the polycarbonate sheeting on the other.

The polycarbonate material used for your roofing has different options as well. As polycarbonates have different qualities with regards to the amount of heat and light it allows.

Some polycarbonates will let more light, some will act to let less heat. Greca, Roma, Trim deck and Multi Wall system are examples of different polycarbonate profiles.

Since there are different pergola roof styles to choose from, if your budget will allow you, you can go for the opening pergola roof; this will allow you to control how much heat and light will be coming into your pergola.

Another one good material to use for your pergola roof is fiber glass. Since fiber glass is not a new product in the market, we all know of its durability and function.

Fiber glasses don’t rust, most fiber glass panels allow natural light in and some specially created fiber glass are even fitted with UV filters to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Fiberglass is a roof pergola that may also work for greenhouses and even garden sheds. Fiberglass roofing is a good way to keep rain and snow out but also allows natural light in, ultimately reducing the amount of electricity used.

Since fiberglass panels are very functional it makes a good pergola roof material.

Another pergola roof material that you can choose are materials using polystyrene in the middle of  a colorbond steel roof on the top and stucco finish at the bottom.

Pergola roof made of these materials have excellent insulation properties, polystyrene are materials that are widely used to keep a room cool.

Among all the choices for your pergola roof, this material will be your best candidate if you desire to have a cool room. The difficult part is this material is also extremely hard to install and may require you to get professional help.

Whatever designs you are looking at to complete the theme of your pergola and its pergola roof, then choose wisely. Get the ones which will work best with the weather in your area as well as the amount of light that you need.

Depending on your need you can even have the option of changing the design or re-position your roof.